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Re: Birthday gift to myself

Chuck Bjorgen
Thanks, John. That's all good to know, although now that I own this plane I won't worry about it. One of the tips David Weaver passed along about loosening the screw and pushing the plane forward on the wood to find the depth sweet spot for the cutter was particularly useful. I had started to wonder if it would be good to have a Norris type depth adjuster on an infill. Now that I learned the little move from David I won't worry about it.

One minor note about a post I made a couple days ago about the weight of the infill compared to other planes. A second scale I acquired showed only a plus 1/10th of an ounce difference in the weights I posted then.

Right now the plane is working well on the chunk of pine shown in the photo. Not so fine on some of the hardwoods I've tried but I have not yet reground the cutter. I'll go with 25 degrees unless I'm convinced to sharpen to 30 degrees. Thanks all for the feedback.

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