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Re: Birthday gift to myself

Chuck Bjorgen
I put several #4 sized smoothers on a postage scale this morning. The infill was just under three pounds. A LN #4 iron plane was three pounds. A Bedrock 604 with Hock iron was 1.96 pounds and a regular Stanley #4 came in at 2.3 pounds. I thought the infill might have been heavier but it's also a couple inches shorter than the Stanley. I also thought the Bedrock would be heavier than the regular Stanley.

I may work on the sole. It seems flat with the cutter retracted and a straight edge applied but it also has some dings. Mainly I need to get comfortable setting it up with various wood types. I'm not ready to start filing the mouth. The mating of the chip breaker to the back of the iron is quite good and that suggests to me that the previous owner knew what he was doing.

I have a couple of all wood planes, 16 and 24 inches and it took a while to figure those out. They work well now. I can't say the same for a pair of coffin smoothers which, I fear, have some structural problems, possibly the wedges.

I appreciate all your comments, folks. This was a one-of-kind acquisition for me. I don't see any further buys of this type.

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