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Re: Birthday gift to myself

David Weaver
I've probably had 20 infills. I read through your original post again. Along with my comments about the sole being filed so that the cap can be set close, one thing you may need to do is lap the sole on a flat surface. Things move over time when you've got metal wrapped around wood.

Prep the iron as you would and make the front bevel of the cap iron about 50 degrees (and short, like a microbevel and then a shallower primary).

Check the bedding of the iron (the iron itself, make sure that it beds evenly), and the fit against the front of the lever cap. If everything is right and the sole is flat, it should work as well as the best stanley plane and have sort of a more luxury feel.

I'm guessing that plane probably weighs around 3 1/2 to 4 pounds?

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