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Re: Birthday gift to myself

Chuck Bjorgen
Thanks for the comments, John and Wiley. I found the engraved mark “steel” on the front of the sole so I’ll assume it’s not dovetailed. The maker’s mark “A. Mathieson” is stamped on the front of the bun, barely visible.

Wiley, I don’t know why I didn’t try waxing the sole because my bar of canning wax was sitting right in front of me. Tried that this morning, pajamas and all, and it was a wonderful difference. Apparently steel does offer more resistance than cast iron. I will continue to play with the chip breaker setting but right now it’s working pretty well. Will need to try hardwood next.

For those who care, this was an eBay buy now or best offer purchase. I made what I thought was a reasonable (not insulting) offer and it was accepted. The seller is a tool antique dealer and has a couple more listed, a Spiers and Norris.

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