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Birthday gift to myself *PIC*

Chuck Bjorgen
The plane shown below arrived in the mail today and scratched an itch of curiosity that I’ve had for quite a while about infills. This one is a Mathieson, from Scotland, has straight sides, a Sorby iron and is a bit over seven inches. Don’t know if it was dovetailed although I keep thinking I see a sign that it is. I sharpened the iron and tried taking some shavings right away. Nothing special so far and I’ve been tinkering with the cap iron, close set and gradually moving it back. This on pine.

Two questions: these planes have very tight mouths so I’m wondering if the close set cap iron/chip breaker works against me? Also, is there any reason why a hollow grind would not be okay?I usually reshape old irons on the Tormek and finish on a variety of stones. I’ve seen Derek Cohen’s story on restoring a Spiers infill but I don’t think I’ll be going that far with this one. It’s in pretty good shape except for some blemishes and scrapes on the handle and bun. And David Weaver has moved a lot of these planes through his shop. Your comments and all others here are welcomed.

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