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John Aniano in Central NJ
Hello Wiley,

Thanks for the link to Liberty on the Hudson and their asphaltum paint.

(A) I'd be interested in buying a quart of this if two (or three or four) others are willing to split it. Would be good to have some. Contact me directly and see if we can make this happen...

(B) I've purchased from Liberty in the Hudson several times and they are a great firm to do business with. I've gotten their Golden Spike Railroad and the Historic Colors, Ltd. paints. Both are full (long?) oil paints that you can brush till the cows come home to get a nice clean looking finish. I really dislike most latex paints as they feel like I'm painting with rubber that dries so fast that you can't brush it out. My opinion. Except for one room in our house, all the trim is painted with oil based primers and paints.

Over and out,


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