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david weaver
I vaguely recall discussion from that and some slightly later discussion (what I don't vaguely recall is that I came to the wrong conclusion early on), but there was little in terms of usable information for people to go try with their planes.

Of course, once the video came out (vs. screen shots only), everyone said "the video says 80% angle and set the projection at .008", that's the best".

I tried it and found that to not be the case.

revisionists showed up afterwards and found every reference to the cap iron (but none of them that I can recall provided any reason to believe they could use the cap, and they certainly provided no evidence that they ever mentioned any such thing in a prior discussion. That was predictable).

This same topic came up on another forum, same conclusion (need to build a plane with a 60 degree bevel), as did other plane design items that should be defunct, but larry popularlized (the whole myth that a double iron plane can't take a full width shaving. A crappy one might not be able to, but every properly fitted plane I've made or tried takes one without clogging problems).

Fairly sure that I'm wasting my time talking about any of it. Someone who dimensions wood by hand will come to it unless they're lacking curiosity or intelligence. Someone who uses a machine planer and jointer only may not ever notice a difference when they're just taking off machine planer marks and sanding to finish.

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