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Stanley #80 -Repaint?? ()

Tony - Memphis
Everybody has different perspectives on such. I like the occasional paint spatter and wear and stains and such. I think it shows the tool's age and history. Kind of like my face! Ha! Its interesting how everybody views things like that different. I know a lot of folks that like things to look brand new, perfect, etc. Others not. And then there are the purists that think spray paint on a old tool is, well, sacrilege. By cleaning and painting and making it look 'pretty,' you are adding your own history to the tool. I'm sure whoever employs it after you will appreciate it.

I have a newish #80. I would caution you to practice on some scrap. There was a learning curve for me. There is a Kelly Mehler video out there that really helped me. I'm still not real good with it. I have a scraper plane that is still getting the best of me. Oh well.

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