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david weaver
Completely remove the old paint with stripper. The stuff that's sold at home depot in a can with the word "stripper" on it is very good stuff and will remove anything, any paint, any japanning. It'll burn your fingers if it's on for a while, too, but not immediately, so it's not that dangerous. If you start to feel it because it got on you somewhere and you didn't know about it, wash it off with water and soap and no problem.

Clean whatever you're refinishing well and then decide whether you're going to japan it, paint it or do some other surface treatment (parkerizing, gun blue and wax, etc) and do that after you're sure the surface is completely clean.

Nothing that I'm aware of is as durable as japanning. the high solids/high build paints look good, but they will eventually chip. Never tried anything more advanced (two part or high impact paints specially made).

The idea of gun bluing and then waxing one is attractive to me, personally, as is doing the same and putting a very light coat of shellac on just to prevent rust on the bluing. Too thick and it'll chip instead of scratching.

One of the most attractive two handle tools that I have (like the 80 style) is a bailey boston hollow shave. It has zero japanning on it, and zero rust. To me, it just looks good without anything on it at all, and has that sort of plum brown burnished look.

Just my opinions. I don't think old tools with paint on will ever be worth much (if they are common), nor will common old tools with the japanning in shambles. Do what pleases you.

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