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New Chat Room Invite

William Duffield
The people that provided the old Chatroom system, ParaChat, to WoodCentral have taken it belly up. They pulled the plug at the end of 2018. Ellis has found a new chatroom provider, RumbleChat, with a much improved, much easier to use, and feature-rich product. It is turned on, and can now be used from the WoodCentral Chatroom page.


We are starting to give it a workout, and invite y’all to join us. For now, we are scheduling “moderated” chats at the same old times, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, starting at 9:30 p.m., Eastern Time. For now, we are not following the old “open”, “hand tools” and “turning” themes or guidelines for specific nights.

Some improvements we have noticed: Pictures and links to pictures can be posted. Other links to the www remain active and clickable after you’ve posted them. The old click, drag, copy, paste in a new window and go ritual is no longer necessary. The old word wrap problems are gone (mostly). There is a spelling checker that notes typos as you type. There are even twitface buttons associated with each message that you might find useful. You don’t need to use Java or Flash to access the chat.

We suggest you create a user name and log in as a speaker. You can even assign yourself an avatar. Some of us have been using our pics from the Mug Shots. We’re hoping they might make us look a little more relevant to younger woodworkers, but I don’t know if even 15 years or so is enough for that.


Drop in Tuesday and check out the new chat, and discuss “WoodCentral Community” with us. We’re also looking for suggestions on how we can make the chat even more meaningful for you. Comments here on the forum or in the chat room are welcome.

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