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A coffee table for my nephew - #4

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I assembled the carcase today. This began with glueing the one end and, while that dried, fitting the sides of the drawer box ...

Someone predicted that this glue up would be interesting. Was it ever.

I had this plan to glue the ends, attach the drawer box, and then simply drop the top side into place. What could be easier?

Except ... I realised as I positioned the drawer box dividers in their stopped dados - and was just about to glue in the other end - that the ends were tails and the top section had pins ... and they needed to be slid in horizontally, not vertically! The order of assembly should have been: fit drawer box to open base, add top section, now add one end and then the other.

I removed the drawer box parts, and attached the top panel to the already glued end. Lifting the top at an angle, the drawer box dividers were wiggled in. And then I discovered that they were 10mm too high!

Oh hell (or some other descriptive) .. I propped up the top panel, quickly calculated how much needed to be removed on the table saw, did both dividers, rebated the ends again ...

... it fits ... (phew)

.. up ended the monster (which weighed a bloody ton, but I was now a demon possessed of desperation strength!), glued in the last side, and squared the carcase ....

And everything is square ...

I'll clean it up tomorrow, and then start on rounding the ends.

Regards from Perth


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