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Re: Where to buy/sell vintage tools?

david weaver
That's a pretty good reference.


a decade ago, or so, bode was just starting up and buying tools for cheap and trying to sell them for absurd prices. His business looks to have come back to earth on a lot of things, and those prices are about right for good-shape tools if you're willing to list and wait for buyers.

He includes free shipping with his prices, IIRC (I've bought a few things from him since).

I only posted that norris 1 because if I had seen it, nobody else would've had a chance to buy it. That bums me out a little bit.

IF you can find recent sales on ebay for some of the more common stuff, and say something in your listings like "priced 10% below the average recent ebay sales", it'll probably appeal to buyers. And do better on average than outright auctions.

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