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Ellis Walentine
Twenty years ago today, on October 23, 1998, Rodale Press sold American Woodworker magazine to Reader's Digest. Later that same day, I launched WoodCentral.com. I couldn't have predicted that we'd still be around today, but here we jolly well are.

Jim Cummins, former associate editor at Fine Woodworking and contributing editor for AW, joined me as co-host on day two of this fledgling enterprise and helped establish WoodCentral as a congenial online venue for the exchange of reliable woodworking information and opinion. Jim passed away suddenly in May 1999, and I soldiered on, keeping the doors open and the lights on ever since.

Regardless of when you joined us, I'm glad you're here. You folks ARE WoodCentral. It will continue to be a reflection of your enthusiasm, curiosity, expertise and abiding good will. Thanks for being with us.

Ellis Walentine, Host

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