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Re: WD-40

david weaver
....is suitable for fine stones like a trans or black if someone likes the feel. Those stones will break in either way. The feel is a lot different than water and the particles won't get stuck like they do with water. Under the microscope, the edge is similar on the fine stones with oil or WD-40.

I don't know why anyone would want to use an oilstone with water, but some on the knife and razor side of things like it despite trying a huge array of oils and water based oil substitutes. In my opinion, stones like a washita get graded quickly with water and they get a bad combination of scratching and burnishing, whereas the edge off of oil (even WD-40 on the fine stones) is more uniform. You can refresh one with a diamond hone, but that doesn't make great sense to me unless you're trying to use one as a cutting stone rather than as a refining stone.

I'd never use an india or crystolon stone with water, though. Crystolon is by far the best bevel cutting stone (above and beyond diamond) with an oil bath. With water or WD-40, it'd just turn into a caked surface.

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