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Fridge liquid hide glue to extend life

Tony Wilkins
I read somewhere along the way that keeping your liquid hide glue in the refrigerator would add time before it expires. How much time will it add before it’s kaput?

My example: I’ve got two bottles I’ve had a long time - a large bottle of Old Brown that was bought in 2013 that wasn’t kept in the fridge for the first year, year and a half & a small bottle of Old Brown that was bought in the middle of 2014 that has been kept in the fridge the whole time. I’ve been meaning to throw the big bottle away but haven’t. I’m hesitant to use even the little bottle. However, I have a vague recollection of an article in the last year that the year expiration date on liquid hide glue was very conservative and tests have proved it could be good longer, especially if refrigerated.

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