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Re: One Hand Trains the Brain to Control the Other

david weaver
I haven't done any fine sawing left handed, but I can't imagine that it would take long.

My initial desire to use left hand is really in laziness - if you're lazy, you want to continue to work at the lowest total effort level. Getting a stiff right arm, taking a break, and then doing it again over and over offends my laziness. Standing around doing nothing while waiting does, too - it just extends the time to get something done. Cross eye dominance may just be another reason, perhaps even better.

I wonder what was done historically - perhaps a sawyer working all day developed the stamina to cut without switching arms, it's not like it's that physically taxing. A carpenter or joiner, however, would seemingly have to get into situations where space considerations made it much more convenient to switch hands.

I used to target shoot, but lost interest in that long ago due to ..... laziness (shoot 1 hour, load and clean things and drive around for 5). I remember the cross eye dominance being a problem that vexed a lot of shooters who had no idea why they couldn't get a good fix on the target -especially if the target was moving (clays, etc).

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