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Varnish Telecaster

david weaver
This is the first guitar I've made, I already posted a bunch about it. I've got some cosmetic issues from trying to do things with hand tools that should've been done differently. The only marked issues are the dot on the back of the neck and the attempt in anger to get an angle with a gouge toward the truss rod nut will result in the need to make a custom truss rod cover.

I did buy the electronics, tuners and fingerboard, but I wish I would've made a fingerboard instead. I bought a compound radius board to have as a template and then it warped. It's a boring color - flatsawn maple.

I have done some work on guitars before (fret leveling, etc) so there aren't any playability issues, it plays really well.

Spending the money on high quality pre-wired components and american made pickups makes it sound better than the am. standard fender telecaster that I used to have.

The cherry with varnish makes it look unique, though it'd look better if the body was one piece. So, I ordered a large 10/4 table slab from a mill in ohio to cut future bodies from.

The varnish is epifanes. I think it looks fine, it doesn't have enough build to show a strange hue, and the cherry under it will force an amber color. Still was fun to make the other varnish, and I will switch to it from here on out.


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