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Lee Valley Shooting Board Track?

Tony - Memphis
Has anybody tried the Veritas shooting board track? I have a shop build shooting board that works. I just wondered if the track would be a nice to have option. I like that it is easy to adjust and I like the slippery plastic surface. And, it would be easy to shim it to adjust the angle if needed (my plane is not square - long story).

Then there is the 16" vs 24". I think my current board is longer than 16" (I'm at work) and I think I like that. 24 may be too much, but...

Free shipping is active until this evening and I have some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket that will just cover the cost. Yes, at 52, I still get a birthday check from mom and pops!


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Lee Valley Shooting Board Track?
Haven't used it, but wishing I owned one
Not true!
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