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Aluminum bar clamps *PIC*

Jack Guzman from Maine
A few days ago I posted asking about aluminum bar clamps to replace my pipe clamps for gluing up chair seats. I ordered some from Toolsforworkingwood and they were shipped quickly. I used them today for the first time and decided to post my results along with a brief explanation of my process for chair seats. this the stock I am using for the seat. It is 2" by 12" white pine. I cut the two pieces needed to length and ran them through a planer until they were flat on both sides and of equal thickness. Then I cut a finish edge on both pieces on the tablesaw. Next I determined the orientation of the pieces and put them together and marked the seam. I fold them over then and clamp them together to joint the edges. Now I apply glue to both edges and place them onto two of the clamps. I tighten these then place another clamp on the top side in the middle.
The bottom line is these clamps are a very good replacement for pipe clamps. They do the job nicely and as an added bonus the assembly will even stand on edge to store overnight. Something I could never manage with pipe clamps.---Jack

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Aluminum bar clamps *PIC*
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