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Bob Lang
When I started writing about woodworking I never dreamed that one day I would be talking about fashion trends, but that's what happened with draw boring a few years ago. Enough people wrote about it, and enough people repeated what was written about it without thinking things through that now we have people confused about what it does or why it is there.

In most circumstances in making furniture a pegged mortise doesn't hurt, but it doesn't do much if the joint is sound and the material is stable. When I was putting the peg in place in the piece in the photo, a coworker asked me why it was there. My initial answer was "I am building a reproduction and the original had the peg". That answer didn't satisfy the questioner and I was asked "but what does it do?" My answer was "if the earth's orbit moves closer to the sun and the temperature gets hot enough to melt the hide glue and the wood shrinks enough for the joints to get loose, this will still hold it together.

Bob Lang

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