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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Warren, a year ago I built a kitchen full of Shaker style doors in (USA) Hard Maple. As there were so many, I purchased a Domino to do the mortice-and-tenon work. This certainly made quick work of the joinery .... bearing in mind that I only have weekends, and "quick" was a period of 3-4 months.

We had an unusually hot and humid summer this year. The house is airconditioned. The combination added a great deal of moisture into the air. Three of the door frames opened at the corners - obviously the solid maple panels were a smidgeon too wide to permit expansion.

It was a fairly simple (if irritating) process to saw against the frames with a flush cutting Japanese blade in the gap. This cut the domino, which was planed flat. After removing the panel and planing off a couple of mm, fresh mortices were made with the Domino, and all reglued. It is impossible to see where a repair was made.

This is NOT a recommendation for a Domino machine. Traditional joinery is more satisfying for me.

Regards from Perth


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