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Zenith Jointer Refurbishment *PIC*

A while back I reported on a Zenith jointer that I picked up at the MWTCA show in Medina, MN. I now have it cleaned up and repaired and in use and I thought I'd share.

The Zenith jointer is the top one in this image. Below it is a Diamond Edge (Shapleigh Harware) no. 7 that I've had around for a long while. As it turns out, the Zenith is actually a no. 8 size at 24". Refurbishment involved using a scotchbrite wheel to zip off a few spots of rust and a thick layer of MAC (molecular airborne contaminants), i.e. whatever happens to be in the air that sticks to metal to form that brown layer of not quite corrosion.

I started picking up Zenith chisels a number of years ago because they are from the great state of MN or at least were distributed from here in Duluth. The chisels are all very nice and show off the Zenith logo, which is pretty neat if I may say so. The plane has that logo all over it, both sides and on the blade, kind of the way a modern sports shoe is marked.

The handle was the main problem in refurbishing this plane as it had clearly been dropped once upon a time. The horn of the handle was missing, the handle was cracked and the lateral adjust lever was bent. No cracks in anything that I could see though.

A fine way to spend $35 (if I recall correctly).


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