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david weaver
I can't repeat the phrase my old guitar teacher would've used for it, but it's fantastic. For the price, I don't care about the aesthetics, but I think they like their aesthetic, so that's up to them. It's not like they're sloppy about manufacturing or anything.

I'm not shocked that the plane works well, but once you use it, it's just like "man, I have to start referring to my wooden shooter as a man's plane, because you have to put your man pants on to be able to use it and get a square edge."

The LV plane, you could talk to your broker (if you're not as cheap as me and actually use a broker) and be completely distracted and just slip it through the wood.

I got the V11 iron, only because I figured if I was going to come up with an O1 iron (or rikizai), I'll make it myself and temper it really hard and see how it works out.

I prepped the V11 iron on a new-to-me ohira suita that cost a multiple of the plane (that's an indulgence, of course), and for some reason, it shredded the V11 very easily and brought it to a bright polish with no semblance of a wire edge. There's a strange mark on the back of my iron that I'll have to sharpen a few times to see if it might be a crack, or if I just somehow managed to run it over something and scratch it deeply. The iron itself is one that would be very easy to make by hand. Short slot and two drill holes.

Great plane, though. Fantastic. I have little chance of matching it with a bevel down wedged plane, but I'm not giving up yet.

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