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Re: (skew shooting infill) - little bit more

david weaver
Still haven't gotten the Veritas plane out of the box (and want to, just haven't done it), but there's no great reason that I'd have needed it thus far due to the infill building.


I've got the mouth opened, still need to work back a little bit to remove my error of haste in overcutting the back ramp on the mouth, but I have plenty of room.

I cut and tapered an iron (yes, you read that right) from quarter inch O1, and beveled the sides so that it will fit in the plane without looking garish. Also tapered in its width. Not exactly machinist accuracy, but reasonable hand accuracy, tapered about a 16th in width to the top of the plane body, and about a 16th in thickness.

The mock pine infill is just laid in the plane to assist with laying out where the brass cross strap (for the wedge) will go. I'm sure it's possible to measure those things and mark them, but just miles safer to make quick wooden patterns for the parts and lay out from reference.

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