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Jerry Nicholson
It has been so long since I tried to use one of these Sears planes that I don't remember if the frog can be moved back far enough so the end of the cutter would rest against the sole. This would, of course leave a humongous mouth! When I want to do any planing I use one of my old Stanley's (typically with a thick after market blade and a heavy after market chip breaker) or one of my Veritas bevel up planes and the Sears planes stay on the shelf. I keep the old Craftsman because it belonged to my Dad. The Dunlap was a gift from folks now deceased and I have no really good reason to keep it around.

In 1951 my dad and I built my strictly utilitarian desk. That desk has lived in 4 locations and I still sit at it every day. It held my receivers and smaller transmitters during my active days as a ham radio operator (early 50s). I built desks for my kids and I have thought many times about building myself a much fancier desk but just never got it done.


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