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Celebrating Stephen

Ellis Walentine
I've been conversing with George Stapleford, a dear friend of Stephen Shepherd, about some pending celebrations. Here's what he had to say, in case any of you are close by or inclined to join in...

I posted over 75 photos of "Tater" on my Facebook page George Stapleford. There have been many tributes to him that have come in - he was a unique and talented man, and we all miss him. On the 15th of this month his friends are going to hold a remembrance of him at This is the Place Park Cabinet Shop at 10 AM, to reminisce and scatter some of his ashes. Another family and friends ceremony will be held at Fort Bridger, Wyoming, date not as yet set.

Of course he wanted NO funeral, NO memorial, NO fuss. So NATURALLY we will spread his ashes both at his gorgeous cabinet shop at This is the Place, and at Fort Bridger, and make a BIG fuss! I doubt he realized fully how many people he affected, even though he often acted like "Mr. Know-it-All!" Thanks for your reply, and best wishes to all Stephen's on-line friends.

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