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Jerry Nicholson
My Dad's Craftsman plane with a phenolic tote is from 1951 or earlier. I find no part numbers on the plane itself but the cutter has part number 619.3742. I don't know if it was made by Sargent or not but it has a very poor frog design and the cutter is unsupported for more than 1/2 inch at the business end. Kind of like a frog for a transition plane. I have 3 Sargent planes and their frogs properly support the cutter. I also have a Dunlap (cheap Sears grade) from sometime in the 60s and it has the same poor frog design but it does have an unimpressive looking wooden tote.

I was never able to use either of these Sears planes for anything harder than soft pine.

Funny thing about the old Craftsman plane - the sides are corrugated!


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