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Nice Iron - soft for HSS

david weaver
My iron came Friday.

I put it on the sandpaper lap today and set up the back, and set up the cap not thinking (it's a woody cap, it won't work under a lever cap, though one could grind the brass boss off).

I have a couple of planes that take a 2 1/4 iron, but I like this beater A13 norris. they are never cheap, but the condition of this one made it cheaper, and it's a lovely plane.

The revilo iron is soft for HSS (which is intentional, I'm sure, given the era), and other than having a slightly more persistent wire edge, it's smooth sharpening and will even raise a wire edge on an oilstone.

Due to the infill work, I didn't have a chance to do more than a few heavy smoother shavings, but the feel is excellent so far. I'm pleasantly surprised.


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