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Re: Tell me where I'm wrong..(skew shooting infill *PIC*

david weaver
The shell for starters:

about 14 1/2 inches long, 2 7/8" wide (external) - I stepped up the iron width to somewhere between 2 3/8 and 2 7/16".

Due to a measuring error, the sides will be about 2.7" all or a hundredth or two less (oops). I had intended for the thing to be closer to square but mis-marked the baseline for the tails by a sixteenth.

I bought one of those portable metal bandsaws from HF, and it works surprisingly well, but the blade only made it a little more than halfway through this shell (and I have no spares), so back to the hacksaw. I like the hand work enough that I don't know if I have a preference either way, but the cheap bandsaw saves some time. If you've seen one of those and you're wondering how you can use it, if you have a decent machinist vise with soft jaws, you just clamp the thing into the vise and put a quick release clamp on the trigger to keep it going. they have a tiny stamped table.

This picture is before filing secondary angles in the pins and tails. I've got a couple of gaps bigger than I'd like, but that always seems to happen. We'll see if it all comes out in the wash peining - hopefully, I can get them all closed.

The mouth is located (marked from the inside) about 1/3rd of the way from the front. I'd like to make it more interesting than a brick, but I think that's probably the most sensible given that it'll be a little used plane. I'd like to round the infill that goes in it, at least, we'll see. That might interfere with a track, and for simplicity, it may be easier to just give in and make it a brick. The skew should at least make it look a little bit more interesting.

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