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you asked -- sorry, but you're wrong

Ian Neuhaus
..looking more for advice from people who have built or designed a few tools.

I'm thinking of attempting to make a 20 degree bed bevel down skewed infill shooting plane. I do not have machine tools and I don't lay out plans ahead of time other than generalities (it's easier to "fit things" as you go along).


The other option is to build a bevel down skew infill (bresse builds a straight cutting infill for a princely sum and people seem to love it), but I'm fairly sure that the bevel up orientation is superior for shooting in terms of what's going on with the iron when it's in the cut. It may be that a quarter inch thick iron negates some of the oscillation that occurs in the cut, don't know.

I may have missed this in another reply, but a low angle bevel down plane will cause you no end of grief.

The plane's cutting edge need's about 12 degrees of clearance, so for a 20 degree bedding angle, the blade will need a bevel angle of about 8 degrees -- meaning that the edge will be incredibly fragile with no support till well back from the cutting edge.
Planes with low bedding angles are bevel-up to avoid this problem.

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