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Revilo High Speed Steel Iron *PIC*

david weaver
I've been waiting for a while to get one of these irons. I don't *think* I already have one, but you never know.

It's titled Revilo High Speed Steel, and these are the earliest HSS irons that I am aware of. They show up with some regularity as replacement irons in infill planes, and they're usually little used, but the price tag for ratty infill planes that I usually see them in negates my desire to buy them just to get the iron.

In this case, though, someone stuffed this 55mm iron in a coffin smoother (it's a parallel iron) and sold the whole lot for $15.

It'll be interesting to see what the HSS is. I'm hoping that these were made at a time that HSS was generally tungsten HSS , but I don't see a lot of history anywhere about the company that made them.

One thing of note is that over the years, I've seen about a dozen of these irons for sale. All but one were nearly full length, which is uncommon for parallel irons. I'm guessing that they were set aside due to lack of power grinding.

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Revilo High Speed Steel Iron *PIC*
Nice Iron - soft for HSS
Very likely Tungsten
The maker - F. Mountford and Sons
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