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Re: Tell me where I'm wrong..(skew shooting infill

david weaver
Basic Proportions - This plane is going to be a square block more or less, but I am going to let it have some protruding toe sole and heel sole (like a panel plane).

I have a piece of scrap 3/16 x 3 mild steel that is 14 1/2 inches long, so that's that for the length (length is a real measure of indifference on a plane that's only going to be used to shoot ends).

For now, it's going to be 15 degrees skew, with the skew done by rotation (think barrel roll) of the iron rather than rotation of the bed itself (think stanley 51).

The iron will be a hand tapered 01 iron 1/4th inch thick, and the effective width after skew will be 2.25 inches. I could easily work out what the iron width needs to be for that, but that's a waste of time. It's a lot easier to draw a diagram and take measurements (maybe not easier, but it's more reliable - no calculator button punch errors. Reliable is important).

S the infill will be square for now, which means 2.25 inches of width plus a 16th for lateral adjustment, so total plane width will be roughly 2.25 + 1/16 plus 2*(1/8th) = 2 9/16ths. Height will then be a 16th less.

Bedding by peined block (wouldn't be necessary if the sole was thicker, but no planes of note historically had a 1/4th inch sole - not that I've bought. Modern planes do so that the sides can be riveted instead of dovetails - that kind of thing is a safe bet for people with machinist tools, but it's easier for the average joe to just dovetail than it is to drill and tap holes and then pein special screws.

The wedge will be retained by a brass cross strap and scroll wedge. I like the look of wedged infills. The wedge is what drives the need for taper on the iron. You can wedge a parallel iron just like you can wear work jeans to a funeral. I don't do it.

This will be my 6th infill, which doesn't sound like many, but they take a long time compared to wooden planes. I'd like to keep this one to about 50 hours, because I have too many things pulling at my time right now. I would love to have a solid work of week off and make this all at once, but if I did, my wife would think that taking the whole week to myself would be about as tasteless as wearing work jeans to a funeral.

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