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LV skew shooter

david weaver
I just ordered the LV skew shooter. That'll give me a decent target to aim for (no shooting pun implied!) in terms of performance.

I'm sure that if I come up with something I prefer (most likely preference being due to "i made it" bias), then it won't cost much to have rented it temporarily.

If I come up with a dog, I'll sell it on ebay disclosing that it's a handsome plane that doesn't perform as well as LV's (it may sound like I'm kidding, but I've found that saying something like that doesn't impede some buyers).

I think I've settled on a plane about 15 inches long with a (yet to be decided) wide blade and without absurd metal thickness - 1/4th on the sides and 3/16ths on the bottom.

I think I'll do bevel down 42 degrees with a 15 degree skew to experiment, and put the mouth around the same location that it would be on a 14 inch panel plane (in distance from the front) with a stub handle similar to the wooden plane that I made tapped into the metal and wood. I found the wood plane handle a bit too tall and see why the original that I copied has a shorter one.

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