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Re: Tell me where I'm wrong..(skew shooting infill

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
do you think that the low bed negates the difference in wear entirely between BU and BD? I'm guessing that in end grain cuts, there is more iron oscillation on BD vs. BU, but that's all I'm doing saying that - guessing.

David, Veritas A2 with a 25 degree bevel (in the BU plane) easily managed 60 shavings, while LN A2 with a 30 degree bevel - an advantage over 25 degrees (in the BD plane) barely made 30 shavings ... about half the longevity. The results were the same with PM-V11 in both planes.

That says to me that the low bed was responsible for the difference.

In the end, you can use a 50 degree bedded vintage iron and if you're good at sharpening, the edge retention doesn't really matter.

I used to use a HNT Gordon Trying Plane for shooting. This has a 60 degree bed. One can shoot with a plane like this, but the edge does not last as long as a 12 degree bed LA Jack. A sharp edge can do wonders for any plane. What you want is a plane that does wonder with an average edge.

One more point: in a shooting plane, mass is relevant. More mass is better (within reason). A LV LA Jack will outshoot a LN #9 mitre plane: http://www.inthewoodshop.com/Furniture/ShootingPlanesCompared.html

Regards from Perth


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