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Tell me where I'm wrong..(skew shooting infill)

david weaver
..looking more for advice from people who have built or designed a few tools.

I'm thinking of attempting to make a 20 degree bed bevel down skewed infill shooting plane. I do not have machine tools and I don't lay out plans ahead of time other than generalities (it's easier to "fit things" as you go along).

I have a big wooden shooting plane that excels if the shavings are a few thousandths each, but it's a bit of a trick to get it to cut dead square thinner than that.


Style of the infill would just be square body like this (but smaller), and I would need to make the iron (which isn't a problem). It would also give me a chance to try a tongue and groove bottom and a bridged wedge, both things I haven't done yet.

I think a skewed version of the plane above would work well, but the only thing I don't love about the setup is that the end grain really erodes the sole near the mouth (which probably doesn't help the fine work).

The other option is to build a bevel down skew infill (brese builds a straight cutting infill for a princely sum and people seem to love it), but I'm fairly sure that the bevel up orientation is superior for shooting in terms of what's going on with the iron when it's in the cut. It may be that a quarter inch thick iron negates some of the oscillation that occurs in the cut, don't know.


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