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You Missed Another One

William Duffield
Well, last night, you missed another very interesting conversation in the WoodCentral Chat Room. We discussed such subjects as:

- The upcoming Lie-Nielsen Event at the Philadelphia Independence Seaport Museum and skills and furniture forms to be demonstrated there by members of SAPFM. It looks like our theme this year will be chairs, including Windsor, Queen Anne and Chippendale;

- Sources for leather, leather working tools and hardware;

- Making seat patterns for and design enhancements to Chris Schwarz’ campaign camp stools;

- Finding, making and attaching antler handles to canes and walking sticks;

- Building storage cases for combo planes;

- Making and buying leather tool rolls for chisels and carving gouges;

- Adding to your carving gouge collection without wasting time and money on duplicates;

- Particularly brutal winter weather in the Eastern and Central USofA.

We’ll be convening again this evening for a couple of hours around 9:30 p.m. EST to discuss whatever you find interesting, Emphasis on, but not limited to, hand tool subjects. Hope to see you there.

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