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I've had a real struggle with this
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Who can straighten a D-7? ()

Christopher Fitch Memphis
I have a couple of Disstons I've picked up at estate sales that have slight issues. I actually won't get one with any sort of bend/kink now just because it's been a pain.

I have one that has a slight curve on the top of the blade and I have another with a very slight warp. I've been able to straighten them a bit but it's still not good enough.

One thing that is not clear to me still: do I tap on the side that is concave (ie. the inside the bend) or on the convex side (ie. the outside of the bend)?

I've read conflicting info about this and can't find a definite answer (or more likely I'm just not understanding what has been written about it).

As to who might be able to straighten saws:

Ron Herman *might* be an option

or Daryl Weir

or other saw makers.

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