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Glad to see this discussion, I've got a bent
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Who can straighten a D-7? ()

Keith Newton
22" Ontario machete that I use a lot. When I head out on the 4wheeler, Ive found a good place to easily store and retrieve it, by sticking it under the back rack. However a few weeks ago, the handle got outside of the fender's protection as I drove through a tight squeeze between some oak saplings. The handle caught, and bent around past 90ยบ before snapping around.
At first I was just sick to see this FINE woodworking tool destroyed. Then I figured, what is there to loose to try and straighten it, so found the nearest tree with a low fork, which I shoved the blade between the tight V, then bent it back. It took several tries before I got it reasonably straight. However, ever since whenever I land a hard swing into something that is unyielding, it wants to bend back. I would like to think that hammering/ re-tensioning it would solve that problem.

I had been wondering if I would need to use heat to get the memory right?

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