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Re: Diamond sharpening plates

John Walkowiak
Hello, for what it's worth, I have been using the large DMT diamond plates for over a decade for my (many) edge tools. I don't have room for a dedicated sharpening bench and really don't want to spend any more time than necessary to get the tools back to work. I use an 8" slow speed grinder when that is necessary and always use the 8,000 grit plate and strop to finish. Once you get past the initial price they work as well as anything I ever tried, don't need flattening, don't create much of a mess, are fast and last for years and years. As an endorsement from a professional, the carver Mary May uses the 8,000 grit before stropping on her carving chisels. When I read that after the 8,000 grit was introduced I stopped looking for something better. It seemed to me if the diamond plates get her carving chisels sharp enough to work for her, they are certainly sharp enough for me!

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