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Three down ..

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
What happened to number two? Well, that's done too :)

The chair-making tools are now complete. Together with the travisher, a reamer has been completed ...

(I also tweaked the travisher ... I cannot leave anything alone for long)

The reamer is based on the Pete Galbert/Tim Manney design. It features a 6 degree taper (mine ended up at 7 degrees for all the care I took. I doubt this will make any difference).

The blade was made from spring steel ... several years ago Rob Lee passed on a tip about commonly available spring steel (at that time this was for backsaws) in the form of floor scrapers ..

This became a blade 8" long ...

I used the bandsaw an a thin blade to cut the kerf. The blade sits in this nice and snug ...

Wood for the reamer is Hard Maple with a little fiddleback.

The blade can be adjusted via a set screw ...

The pointed end also has a part to play - it is used for sighting angles.

Along the kerf is a gutter to collect shavings ...

The gutter can be seen from the end. It makes the body look lop-sided ...

Once the reamer was completed, a tapered tenon cutter was made to match the reamer. The wood here is a Sheoak ..

All the tools ...

Regards from Perth


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