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Dovetail - why does this happen? *PIC*

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
What am I doing wrong that I sometimes end up with these little gaps that the red arrows are pointing to.

Just so you know how I do this...
What I do is:
Cut the tails
Put blue tape on the pin board
Put the pin board in the vise
Lay the tail board on the pin board supported on the other end with a plane
Mark out the tails with a knife
Peel off the tape where the tails go
cut/chop it out

This picture is right off the saw; no paring or fiddling to get it to fit.

Admittedly I am rushing this little project and being a little sloppy.

When you lay the tail board onto the pin board, should there be an ever-so-slight gap between the boards (on the inside of the boards). I think that is what I am messing up somehow.

Thanks in advance.

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