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The trouble with too many tools...

david weaver
Not talking about planes or stones. I can dump them quickly, but something that came up on another forum regarding holes in a bench.

I drilled my dog holes in my bench with a hand drill, two visual references and cheap spoon bits. They turned out fine other than the bottoms being a little rough (nobody has seen those bottoms, of course).

Another poster made a point that you could buy some expensive power auger bits and have a clean hole at the bottom (but that still ignores the issue of counterboring, which I needed to do due to the top thickness on my bench).

In getting rid of my router, and going through my router bits, I realize how many of those $50 type purchases I've made over the years, only to use an item once, and either forget that I have it, or have trouble finding it after its had a 5 year rest period. It's rare that I actually needed to buy those things, they just seemed like a good idea at the time, but it would've probably been faster to use what I had and spend less time looking for the "right tool".

If each of us went through our shop for a weekend, I wonder how many things we could dig out that we haven't used for five years, and that we don't really need. I still have tons of them from my initial foray into the hobby using mostly power tools.

With Christmas coming, and people in need, it may be a good time to liquidate some of that stuff and give the proceeds to someone in need.

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