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Re: Stanley Sweetheart chisel purchase.

david weaver
I've never heard a complaint about them other than that they need a little more work on the backs (they don't, you can work backs in slowly if you know how to remove a wire edge).

The whole flat back thing is a bit of a bogus complaint, especially in chisels that are $20 each. It's an invite to learn a skill.

I'd buy them over Lie Nielsen's chisels solely because they're a small fraction of the cost and they aren't A2, which is a puzzling choice for chisels in the first place (I did have LN chisels in the past, but turned them over in favor of something not A2).

The only thing I don't love about socket chisels is that they usually have short handles and if you're going to grip them at the handle while working, you're sort of half on handle and half on socket.

That said, if they sharpen nicely and work well, there's really not much more to it until you start getting very specific preferences.

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