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Fundraiser for Ru Amagasu

Brian Holcombe
This past weekend I received news that Ru Amagasu has been badly injured in a car accident. This news comes as a terrible shock to myself, the woodworking community and to Ru's family and friends.

Ru headed up the Fine Furniture division of Willard Brothers and worked out of his shop and their showroom for a number of years. Ru is a true craftsman, and has blended traditional and contemporary method to create beautiful works.

In my personal interactions, Ru's work inspired me to become a furniture maker and woodworker and at critical moments he gave me advice that greatly encouraged me. I believe that Ru is as generous with everyone as he was with me.

Willard Brothers Woodcutters has setup a Gofundme page for Ru Amagasu, they're looking for donations to help Ru and his family with medical expenses.


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Fundraiser for Ru Amagasu
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