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Tell me about the adze

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I plan to build a few windsor chairs, beginning with three stools. I have very nice scorp, a couple of favourite drawknives and spokeshaves, and am in the process of building a few travishers.

The wood for the seat at this stage is dry Pine or Tasmanian Oak (a eucalyptus).

This is a new area for me. I have done a good bit of reading in regard to a decent curved one-handed adze, and the following stand out: Hans Karlsson, Svante Djarv, Gransfors Bruks and Tim Manney. Everything but the TM appears to be out of stock. Perhaps this is a good thing as they are pricey and I am saved from an impulse purchase :)

Probably closer to my beginner status is the newish Narex, which is cheap by comparison. Has anyone used one?

Any favourites? Your pearls of wisdom would be most appreciated.

Regards from Perth


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