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Sutyagin house *PIC*

Bruce Mack
This is a not-so-scale model of a grand wooden structure built in Archangel, Russia. It was begun in the early 1990s and torn down ~2008. Model is 25x32x68" and lightweight for its size, with 2mm sheathing, some plastered with tinted Durham's Putty over an epoxy coating to keep the sheathing from buckling.The sheathing was cut to size with a Murphy knife and a dozuki, and edge jointed with a block plane mounted up side down in the bench vise. There is not a fine joint in it, relying on PVA lap joints for the framing and hot melt for the rest. It needs more detailing and a lot of weathering with the help of an artist friend before I try to get it into the crafts section of the MN state fair.

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Sutyagin house *PIC*
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