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Elite Craftsmen - Any Directory?

david weaver
This is sort of an obscure question, but we often see people having forum wars about who is a better craftsman. This comes to mind because as a maker and in terms of design sense, I haven't seen too many people who can compare to our accessible and helpful friend, George, who you only get a tiny idea about his depth of thought and knowledge (and capability, and drive for perfection or expectation of results) online.

Often the follow up is "Paul Sellers says", "Rob Cosman says",....fill in a hundred names, and all of those guys are capable makers, but I haven't seen anything to suggest they're even remotely in the same league. If there's one George on our forums, there must be 100 makers like him sprinkled around the country that we don't hear from or hear much about.

On the engraving side, Lynton Mckenzie comes to mind. The quality of his engravings is spectacular and the work so tasteful. Even just looking at it can only benefit us.


I can scroll through names of cartouche award winners and see some makers and their work that are really inspiring.


How do we find out about more like people?

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