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Replacement cap irons or chipbreakers!!!

David Charlesworth
I am starting a new thread because I think the other one is entirely missing the point.

In the forty odd years we have been setting up planes here, I have virtually never seen a new or replacement C/B, which did not need work.

This consists of checking the fit to the blade back and checking or creating a 45 degree polished slope on the top of the edge.
A little clearance angle, say 1 or 1 1/2 degrees, is desirable for the underside. We frequently found this area to slope the wrong way inviting choking.
The front of many chipbreakers have significant square edges, another cause of choking.

The 25 degree slope found on some is really weird since Stanley and Record were clearly aiming at 45 degrees for the last century or so. 25 degrees would be too easily damaged and not be steep enough to work well.
So a pox on all their houses for not informing customers that C/B edges need work!
best wishes,
David Charlesworth

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