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david weaver
A project that's not ever gotten as high priority as it should have is me finishing my kitchen cabinets. There are a lot of reasons for that, but most of them have to do with indifference and conflict avoidance (and making a relatively labor intensive design that relies on dadoes and all solid wood for doors, panels, etc).

I'm finally on the very last one, and it's one of the oddball corner cabinets that's got a face frame that's 45 degrees from those on either side of it. I've got few accurate machines (though I do have a decent router table, to be ditched after this is done).

So this whole thing is hand work, and since it's the last one, that includes the plywood. I'll bet it took me two hours to make the face frame, bevel the sides to 45 degrees by hand, decide how to cut the grooves and lay it out (plow plane, free hand and rabbet and moving fillister for the side of the groove and to notch the plywood, respectively).

Special open toe shop shoes included - keeps it interesting at the bench.

I'm sure some of you guys who do kitchen work have made a gaggle of these cabinets, but they're sort of a pain with crappy machine tools and no layout software. I think it may have been easier for the case to just make a square and then cut the corners off until I had the right span to fit in the grooves of the face frame. Any thoughts?

I've built a couple of non-kitchen cabinet things during this time (aside from about 25 planes), but it still feels like the end of a project, and I sort of resent when the projects are finished!

(Of course, I'm making another plane right now, too - and two other infills that I don't have in the picture)

The planes are interesting enough to make from start to finish with no interruption. The cabinets, not so much.

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