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Tidioute vs. Chinese 440C
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david weaver
Just because I mentioned it, the tidioute redone on the same stone and same scope as the 440C knife. Same slurry, same wetness of slurry, etc, same pressure.


And compared to the 440C knife.

I saw Tidioute has specs saying that their knives are hardened to 55-57 rc.

I don't think so!! One might not be able to tell a difference with synthetic knives, but 55-57 and 61 or so are vastly different on stones relying on novaculite or silicon dioxide. This natural stone (these do have somewhere in the realm of 16% aluminum oxide, too - present in volcanic ash that is in these) is sort of on the borderline between cutting and polishing. It's plenty fast to keep the knife in shape, but not enough to cut deeply and really smash up the metal. It's also much easier to sharpen because it's wharncliffe vs. clip style.

The picture shows a tiny bit of foil that could be removed with a strop. A slurry of this type is good for not making much of a wire edge.

Here is the 440C chinese boker from the other thread.


I couldn't really speculate on its hardness other than that I can tell it's not close to 60. And I'm glad of that. It's easy to sharpen because of it.

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Tidioute vs. Chinese 440C
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